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About Us

Cherish the moment at present


At Shades of Blue Yachting, ourselves and our partners, hold the natural landscape of our island as a national treasure throughout our daily lives.

Throughout history, Greece, despite Its limited geographical size, has been known as an argonautical power House of our World. The sea is a fundamental element of our culture. This has allowed rich oceanic skills and expertise to be passed on through the generations to this day, and now we can positively say, It’s in our DNA.

Our captains live and breath these waters. Their knowledge allows them to precisely know where to navigate your private yacht, in order to grant you full access to the unparalleled beauties you deserve to see.

Allow them to guide you to the most pristine locations and gift yourself the time and space to absorb the harmony and natural beauty Greece has to offer you.

Our purpose is to make your private yacht cruise in the Greek waters an unforgettable experience that will linger in your memory for years to come.

While gliding upon the crystal see-through waters of our Island’s we invite you to cherish the moment at present. Breath in an air so fresh you can taste it and allow the almighty Greek sunrays to accompany you with every nautical mile you cover. Our promise: the natural landscapes we have in store for you will surely take your breath away.

Allow us to guide you to our Island’s best-kept secrets.  Experience authentic hospitality while being provided with an unmatched personalized service with the sole purpose to exceed your expectations.

Let us show you why Greece is a feast for the senses…
Your Satisfaction is our Purpose.

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